Using the power we have today to create a better future.


Using the power we have today to create a better future.

Sport represents a universal language, and there is a growing awareness around the world that sport can serve as a means to reduce poverty and promote good health – and to do so across social divides. Sport can be used to reach specific target groups; it can also be used to promote inclusion, overcome barriers and foster community. Sport in itself is more than just a physical activity performed individually or in a group. Sport is a way of life that has a lasting formative effect.


The sport of rowing offers a wide range of specific benefits. Combining sporting activity performed by individuals and as well as in a team, and being a technically demanding and endurance-oriented activity, rowing generates a constant exchange between the community and the individual athlete. In this way, the rowing sport fosters values such as fair play, team spirit, discipline and respect, as well as strength of character.


The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations place great importance on issues such as children, youth and education, but also clean water and gender equality.


Sport, and rowing in particular, make it possible to work on these goals in an integrative, synchronised manner. Rowing inspires enthusiasm, it integrates groups, and it is done together on clean bodies of water. With our project and through the formative effect of sport, we are actively working towards the development goals formulated by the United Nations.

The above-mentioned aspects, in connection with education, medicine and health in general, come together in an integrative combination at the Max Reinelt Zentrum. The innovative approach allows a wide range of partners and interested individuals to join together and contribute to the future development of Togo.

Mario Woldt

Sports Director

  • Sport
  • Construction of a boat hall and training rooms
  • Further shipments of boats, boating equipment and ergometers to Tokomé
  • Training the trainers
  • Development of rowing as a popular, mass participation sport for schools in Lomé
  • Competitive sport
  • Scholarships for talented rowing athletes in Europe
  • Integration of additional sporting disciplines such as canoeing into the project
Construction of a boat hall60%
Scholarships for talented rowing athletes40%
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